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During this time, we have earned the trust of our customers through technical competence and customer-oriented service. We are proud of the fact that we can still be active on the market today with an extensive and balanced program after such a long time.

Our customers, some of whom have remained loyal to us for decades, play a key role in our business success. Our special thanks go to them for this.

Meffert Elektro-Isoliertechnik GmbH

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Enamelled copper winding wires

01Enamelled copper winding wires

Top quality for you 

Enamelled copper winding wires are an important component in electrical engineering and especially in the manufacture of transformers and electric motors. We stock solderable, heat-resistant and baked enamel wires. All standard wires offered are UL approved. We can offer special wires on request. We are also happy to help you with the current market trend, the edgewise winding of flat enameled wires.

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Enamelled aluminum winding wires

02Enamelled aluminum winding wires

Enamelled aluminum winding wire is also used in transformer construction, among other things. In particular, it is used in end devices that require the lowest possible weight and in modules where the poorer properties compared to enamelled copper wires are sufficient.

We sell it as a round enamelled wire according to IEC 60317-25 grade 2 and as a flat enamelled wire according to IEC 60317-73 grade 2.

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GRP for Transformer construction

We provide glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) profiles primarily for transformer construction as dogbones and corner profiles. In addition to the standard properties, various dimensions are also available in the qualities of self-extinguishing (UL 94VO) and reinforced mat. In addition, round and slot locking bars, square, angle, hat, L and U profiles complement our range. We can offer special profiles on request. You can order all products by the meter or as cut-to-size items, especially according to your requirements.

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Completed Projects

04Modular bobbin system

The alternative to the coil body

The modular bobbin system is an alternative to the coil body. The main advance is the ability to manufacture self-supporting coils without complex auxiliary structures. In addition to the favorable properties of a conventional bobbin, there is also the advantage of an enlarged, heat-dissipating surface.

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05Insulating sleevings

Large selection in stock for you

In the area of insulating sleevings, we keep glass fiber sleeving, silicone rubber, glass fiber sleeving, silicone rubber and conform sleevings in stock. The temperature class of the products is F and H. The goods are available on spools and / or rings and partly as meter pieces. The standard color is natural.

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06Insulation tapes

Isolation tapes for all areas

The product group of insulation tapes includes polyester wrapping tape, non-shrinking, polyester shrink tape in black and white, as well as sanding tape. The material is ideal for binding and bandaging winding heads and spools.

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07Insulting materials and technical films:

In the segment of insulating materials and technical foils, we sell three-layer insulation DMD and NMN, pressboard in sheet and roll form, cover slider, ideal as a groove lining, and polyester foil primarily for cover, intermediate and phase insulation.

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Laminates are hard paper laminates and hard fabric laminates, which we call HP 2061 and Sell HGW 2372.4. They are used, for example, as construction elements in mechanical engineering, as slot insulation for motors and generators or in the textile and automotive industries.

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09Control wires

Control Wires in top quality

The division includes Nomex, silicone and Radox switch wires. They are suitable for connecting motor windings, switchboards, magnets and transformers. They are also installed inside electrical devices, provided that they are installed securely and safely.

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The varnish article group includes impregnating and finishing varnishes. Our range of impregnating varnishes is the solvent-based, oven-drying Isonel 31 J. The offer for the top varnish is the Elmotherm 1033 / 70C. It is a solvent-based and air-drying impregnating agent based on oil-modified alcyd resins.

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